Peripheral Visions: Italian Photography in Context, 1950s – Present

This book presents a selection of works by major Italian photographers who have explored an alternative image of this country; a landscape bound by urban edges, focused on the beauty of the discarded and the marginal, and deeply connected to a new identity that has developed in tandem with the industrial and global transformation of Italian cities. 

The selected photographs range from the social documentary approach of the 1950s, to conceptual strategies in the 1970s, personal exploration of invisible geographies through the 1980s, and the contemporary remapping of cities, often perceived from a distant view from above. This kaleidoscopic interpretation aims to reveal the incredibly vital and diverse range of expressions that have unfolded in Italian photography over the past five decades and that continue to reveal hidden and secret images inside what is seemingly everyday. The book appears in conjunction with an exhibition of these works at Hunter College, The City University of New York.


Edited by Maria Antonella Pelizzari with essays by various contributors • 20,30 x 25,40 cm • 104 pages • paperback • 92 illustrations in color • ISBN 978-88-8158-837-4  • € 29,00 (Charta, 2012)

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